Jolzy Baby

Jolzy, baby. Shall we cover you in glitter?

the roses are in my bag.

perfect. let's begin.

Thank you to Sarah Jolz & Eightfold Creative for their talent & creative space.

I typed up a bunch of phrases and words people use commonly. I wanted to send a message that all people: males, females, trans, queer, skinny, curvy, etc. feel body shaming, slut shaming... all the shaming really. we all feel poorly about ourselves, our figures, our lives, and just because someone is of a certain size, profession, lifestyle, does not mean they, too, are not going through something.

We all are fighting something everyday.
We have enough going against ourselves,
without adding in each other.

give love, send love.

I, too, have good and bad days. Some days I can't get up, some days I'm ready for the world.

He who is without sin, may cast the first stone... amiright?