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Don't ask me that question

Hey, Marina.

Hey, how's it going?

Oh, I'm doing well. How are you?

I'm doing well. So two weeks until graduation, what are you planning after?

*laughs* Don't ask me that question.


I have no (f*cking) clue. Honestly, no idea. I like photography, I like math. I like storytelling, German, blogging: traveling, food, music. I like so many things, I fear that I'll never be truly amazing at one thing, but rather semi-good at a bunch of things. Some call that a jack of all trades, I call it indecisive skill building. How am I supposed to find a career that marries all these interests, or rather a bento box of conjoined talents?

My friend Kev told me of a speaker who calls himself a "contradiction". He said he's "micro-patient, but macro-ambitions." What. Does. This. Mean. Well, I'm glad you asked. It means that he's patient in waiting for his end goals to be achieved in the long term future, but ambitious in achieving small, daily or weekly goals, the smaller stuff that will eventually build towards that end goal.

College seniors these days put so much stress on themselves trying to "figure out life" and "figure it all out" but from one senior to another, you don't need to figure it all out now, just the next steps. Just work on what you're doing next, and the rest will fall into place. You're going to be fine. Some people don't live so easily without some kind of game plan, which is fine, but let me tell you: Make a schedule, make a plan, just know-- it's probably going to change.

Our initial response and process to life is very work oriented, control oriented. We have a reaction "to control and predict" the outcomes of life. Go to school, go network, get a job. Why? All to secure a good life; control and predict our lives. Well, life is not predictable, not all straight lines and fully logical. I'm just here to reassure you, that that's okay. Normal, even.

I wanted to put out this call to action for seniors and all people feeling career & life pressures right now. Take a breath, take a (tequila) shot, take a moment. Do what you need to calm yourself, because it's all going to work out. It's all a construct of stress and expectations, so just remove yourself from these made up fears and go get 'em.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

Below you'll find a series of memes and inspirational video links that help act as a pick me up, at least for me. If you're having a tough day, feel your mind going dark, watch some of these.