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Cheers my friends. Cheers to today, to spring break, to Ireland, but most of all, to all the great company and great memories. Sláinte means "cheers" in Irish.

The weekend was filled with dancing, friends, pubs that smelt of beer & smoke, but filled with sounds of glasses clinking, laughter, and a good time. We fought the wind, the sideways rain, the rounded accents. It was a grand ol' time. Galway is a beautiful, coastal town on the west side of Ireland. The downtown has beautiful, colorful shops and restaurants, cobblestone streets, and loads of seafood and Guinness.

My friend Emily and I, or Neelon as I usual refer to her, escaped to the beach and made our way to Salthill. We picked up seashells and danced through the fields. We celebrated her 21st, American style- 'twas a fully flared, all out, bottoms up, twirling fringe, GNO type of night. It was nothing short of awesome. On Saturdays, downtown Galway has a wonderful, quaint market that pops up around the church. After hearing about the infamous donuts that are sold, I had to try one. They, too, were awesome- light and fluffy, yet semi-crispy and sugared on the outside; they were perfect, especially given the rainy weather. They're also the perfect size, one is good, two is better, three may be too much but if you're feelin' it, do whatcha gotta do. If you go to Galway, you must try his donuts, they're so good- grab a cinnamon sugar one. Also, Kai Cafe is now one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Dublin was loads of fun as well. Though I was only there for 2 days this trip, I got to see some new sites I didn't get to before, like the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells is amazing. Trinity College has such beautiful architecture, and I got to walk around on a perfect, sunny day- rare of Ireland, as any local can testify. 10/10 would recommend giving the uni a visit.

Fun facts: I always thought the language of Ireland, besides English, was referred to as Gaelic, but I found that in Ireland, they call it Irish. Interesting. I also learned some fun, new, Irish slang:

You alright? / You okay? - Are you ready (to order)?

What's the craic? - What's up / how are you?

Grand - Okay; alright

Class - Okay; good; cool; great; cute; (example: You're looking class; Where are you from... Oh, class!)

More pictures can be found in my "Ireland" album. Also, if you need any recommendations, places to eat, visit, etc. please feel free to email me!