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Normal is Boring

I don't know (x90000).

What are you going to do next? Where will you go? Who will you marry? Which classes? Why?

I don't know. Consistency is key in today's society. Most people do what they do, hire who they hire, live the way they do because they can determine and ensure predictability and consistency. One problem: this is boring.

Live in the moment, live to be free. Make it yours, and not the other way around. Change is good. It's scary. It's stressful. It's uncomfortable. Go with it.

As a junior in college, I get asked nearly every day what I am going to do next. To be completely honest, I have no idea, but it'll be dope. It'll be hard, fun, exciting- an adventure.

This does not mean that I am unreliable, in any sense. I take things as they come and have a natural drive to conquer whatever challenge is thrown my way- just read my resumé.

Maybe I'll end up in Portland, maybe in Europe. Who knows?

Whatever I end up doing, I will make it mine.

Anyone else think this way? Well, my fellow wanderers, we are the crazies. And I love, I thrive, I live in every moment of it.