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A Ratio of Skin to Nature: Bagby Edition

On a ratio of skin : nature, how nakie did we get? I'll show you.

If you're new to the PNW area, or just visiting, Bagby Hot Springs should definitely be on your list of places to visit! The drive from PDX to Bagby is beautiful and there are many stops along the way that are worth seeing, we definitely stopped more than once. These hot springs are only a mile up the road, surrounded by beautiful gymnosperms (naked seed trees) and woodland creatures alike. I've been learning about gymnosperms and angiosperms in my bio class, and having this new knowledge I feel like I see the forest differently, pointing out fun facts and processes about sexual & asexual reproduction amongst all plant life we pass; yes, I'm that person, or at least was. Knowledge is exciting! *cue nerd glasses* Anyway, after walking some bit, you'll see some log houses and steam clouds. When you see these, you've arrived.

Here's the sitch: there are baths inside, and out. They're all covered the same bit with roofing, but there are 4 tubs alongside each other open, and 4 with closed stalls. They sit back to back, sharing the same water pipes. There's also a loner tub a short walk away, but it's nicely secluded if you want privacy. Be aware though, the wait can be anywhere from an 1-3 hours. It takes a little while, depending on the traffic, to fill your tub, since the pipes are all shared, and everyone gets ~45 min to soak. Also, the water is super hot when it first comes out, so you need approximately 4-5 buckets of cold water per tub to balance the steamy spring water. But let me tell you, the wait is definitely worth it! 

Oh, and just FYI nudity is totally a thing here. We embraced it, so hopefully you will too; or if you're not into that sort of thing, grab one of the more private tubs ;) Either way, it's a fun time & nudity isn't so much a sexual thing, as it is an understanding (and a human thing). There's an understanding of comfortability and everyone's there to unwind & soak up the spring water. So grab a few friends, or a significant other, and rally towards these soothing waters that release toxins from your bod. You deserve it.

PS. It smells (a bit) like sulfur because of all the minerals and such that are in the water, but it's bearable and the benefits outweigh the smell.

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