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Adventuring in Maroc

As someone with too many words, feels, and photos to efficiently express how much I love Morocco, I decided it might be best to show my appreciation for this beautiful country, culture, and people by putting it all into a video. I look forward to posting more captured moments and blog posts about my travels through Morocco soon. Until then, enjoy this video and check out photos on my Instagram (@marinachoyy).

Featured in the video is our dear friend, Ali, as he takes us through Morocco-- from Marrakech to Merzouga (the Sahara Desert). We stopped for lunch with his family, his mother and nephew, who are Berbers, indigenous people of Morocco, and we even got to learn about some Berber culture and history from his brother who is a teacher. Learn more about Berber culture and history in my next post and how the king of Morocco is helping to give Berbers the freedom and recognition they deserve. Oh, and fun fact: the higher you pour someone's tea = the more respect you have for them.

Tenmiert (thank you in Berber), and I hope you like it--

Xx, Marina