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Damn... Back at it again

Damn Marina... Back at it again with the travel boots? Hah, an odd spin- but yes; I may not be Daniel or his swanky voiced friend, but I have a similar story. Back at it again with the magic, traveling, super stylish, entirely sarcastic travel boots. Yay!

Think of this as my come-back into the traveling lifestyle, for 10 days. I expect to stretch those 10 days into everything it can offer-- I can't wait! I was listening to one of my favorite songs earlier, Portgual by Walk the Moon, and I was getting pumped. Mainly the line that says: So I say, I'm sorry I can't, I've got plans- as I watch the time slip through my hands. The entire song is great and has different meanings, but this line and the main chorus where they sing: Take me with you... Man. That part gets me. It full force, on blast pumps me up. So here I am, sitting in bed at 6 am, just about ready to throw a bunch of clothes into a bag and take off to the airport, getting pumped about getting another chance to see the world from yet another perspective. I'm also excited to start my research- I'll have to tell you guys about that one another time though (hint: it's on backpacking & hostel culture).

Cheers you fabulous folks, go forth & have a great day!